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Asparagus and Strawberries and Biscuit Shortcake and Cream

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Dear Universe,

It’s been awhile, and after a spring cleanse, the joy of cooking and eating becomes ever more delightful.

The fruits and vegetables of spring beckon, so my plan is to create the absolutely greatest recipe for asparagus soup, pasta, or salad, and create a menu to share with students in this May/June.  After hearing from a friend and student who had a birthday recently and reported feeling older, I’m more and more convinced that this ritual of spring cleansing has amazing powers of renewal.

Cream may not be the best thing in spring–it can provoke kapha which, if left unbalanced, can swing out of balance this time of year.  Yet the cold months and the dryness they bring can benefit from the sweet smoothness of cream with berries, so I’m going to stick with the strawberry shortcake idea. Off to research the asparagus component.


OK, It’s decided, after the 3:45 class on Monday, June 1, we will have a feast of asparagus, feta and quinoa salad followed by homemade strawberry shortcake with local-cow cream whipped. For my vegan friends, I will leave the feta and the cream on the side. But the shortcake will NOT be gluten-free. I cook with organic ingredients whenever possible and invite any of the regulars on Monday to join us on that day.

Come! But let me know you are, please!




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May 22, 2015 at 10:32 pm

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