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New Moon in Capricorn

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ImageThis is the see-saw time of year in Central Texas. We get jolts of winter interspersed with hints of spring. I’ve been fingering seed packets at local nurseries and dreaming of planting, while keeping my winter jacket handy. People this very morning were telling about wicking raised beds, which sound amazing. The parrots at the seed shop at The Great Outdoors Nursery on South Congress are also amazing. Let me warn you though, that if you are in there of an early morning by yourself, the parrots will talk to you. One is an African Gray, the other is Bright Green. I could not for the life of me tell which one said ‘hello’ in English and which one said ‘cómo estás’ in Spanish. But they talk! And they are very sociable. So no, you are NOT going crazy and hearing voices if you are in there alone, the parrots talk.

What has always impressed me most about the new moon is that you can FEEL it before you can see it. My neighbor had the good fortune to see the slip of the finest waning moon Thursday morning last just before sunrise, with the planet Venus riding close to the horizon beside her. What a rare and beautiful sight! If the skies clear for us this week (which they may with the cold front coming in…), we will be able to see the fine slip of the  new moon not too far up from the western horizon just as the sky has gotten barely dark. The little moons, young or old, are my favorites. They have less drama, maybe that the fuller ones, but for some reason, when I see them, they make my heart leap up. I think it was Paul Bowles, perhaps in ‘The Sheltering Sky,’ who spoke about the brevity of our life on earth. Our pleasures, concerns and problems sometimes seem so big, but when we realize that there are only a small number of full new and old moons that we will experience in this lifetime (whether we actually see them or not), we can gain some perspective. Each moon different, each one distinct with its own set of astrological/astronomical parameters, each one to be savored.


Capricorn is a fixed earth sign, and though I’m no astrologer, I can feel the groundedness of  this new moon. Now that the knee is better and yoga meditation, pranayama and asana practice feel more settled, I’m appreciating the inwardness that this time of year, though a bit like a see-saw, can bring. If you have any sense of the inner garden of your spirit needing some rest, maybe pruning, maybe clearing, this is the time do do it. Keep those blankets around for early morning sitting, pranayama and meditation, light a candle, and savor the elegance of this grounding new moon.


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January 12, 2013 at 6:09 pm

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